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Glass rooms

The price for an overnight stay from Friday to Saturday, from Saturday to Sunday and during public holidays is 150 EUR per night; on other days it is 130 EUR.
With a prior reservation, check-in time at Glass Rooms is from 15:00 (3:00PM) and check-out is 12:00 (noon) after the last reserved night.
Glass Rooms are warm, with heated floors. You can use the air conditioning for extra warmth. Woollen blankets are also available.
There is no catering provided in Ziedlejas teritory. But food delivery is available from several cafes in Sigulda in cooperation with Wolt: https://wolt.com/en/lva/sigulda All Glass Rooms are equipped with an electric kettle, a fridge and a teapot. Coffee and herbal tea is provided. The nearest restaurant is "Aparjods" in Sigulda (5 km away).
BBQs and bonfires are not allowed near Glass Rooms.
Every Glass Room has a shower, sink and toilet.
The max. capacity is two adults, one baby and two children.
Sorry, pets are not allowed in Glass Rooms.
Pirts sessions are not included in the price of an overnight stay.
By prior reservation you can enjoy a Pirts Ritual/Session in one of our Ziedlejas Pirts. A variety of beautiful walking paths stretch along the Gauja river and the nearby forest – the Ziedleju Cliffs, Velnala (The Devil’s Cave), Kājnieku Tilts (The Pedestrian Bridge) and Ķeizarskats (Kaiser’s View) are the closest attractions.

Booking and payment process

Full payment for the services booked should be made no later than 5 days before the scheduled service. Otherwise the service provider has the right to cancel your reservation.
The service fee is returned in full if the Service Recipient cancels the reservation no later than 5 days before the reserved date. If the reservation is canceled 5 days to 1 day (24 h) before the reserved date, the following are deducted from the service fee: a) EUR 50 if the invoice amount does not exceed EUR 150, b) EUR 100 if the invoice amount exceeds EUR 150. If the reservation is canceled less than 24 hours before the reserved date, the service fee is not returned.
The reservation can be rescheduled no later than 5 days before the reserved time without extra charge. If the reservation is moved 5 days to 1 day (24 h) before the reserved time, then 50 EUR must be paid for moving the reservation. If the reservation is moved less than 24 hours before the reserved date, then 100 EUR must be paid for moving the reservation.

Pirts sessions/rituals

Yes - please let us know in advance if children will be taking part. Childminding (including next to the waters) during a Pirts Ritual/Session is the parent's responsibility.
Before commencing a Pirts Ritual, the client should make the Pirts Master aware of any health conditions that could be relevant during a Pirts Ritual – allergies, chronic illness, prescriptions and any other information that might be relevant or affect the body during a Pirts Ritual. Pirts is not recommended to women during the first trimester of pregnancy.
Pirts sessions and rituals usually take place at about 65°C heat.
Rubber/pool slippers are recommended. It is possible to attend Pirts in a bathing suit, but it is not recommended and can be uncomfortable.
  • We suggest removing all make-up before attending your Pirts Session.
  • To feel your best during a Pirts Ritual/Session, we recommend having a light meal no later than two hours before the ritual. It is recommended to drink at least a litre of water on the day of the ritual.
  • Feel free to ask the Pirts Master any questions about the Pirts process and bodily responses. If you experience any discomfort during the session, let the Pirts Master know immediately. Finally, the Pirts Master will appreciate it if you share how you feel during the process.

Our Glass Pirts is brighter and more spacious due to its modern design. It is also more accessible to people with access needs and to children. The Glass Pirts is located in the open plan area of Ziedlejas, next to the pond.

The Smoke or Black Pirts, in turn, is more primeval – a Ritual in this type of Pirts can be felt more deeply and the contrasts are sharper. This type of Pirts represents ancient Latvian Pirts traditions. The Smoke Pirts is characterised by a smoky aroma - when the Pirts heats up, the black soot settles on the walls. Soot is an essential absorbent whilst the smoke is an excellent disinfectant. The Smoke Pirts is hidden away at the edge of the forest. You can cool off in a raised spring pool next to the Smoke Pirts - it stays cool even on hot summer days.

Architects from Open Ad and Ziedlejas’ Masters created both Pirts (pl.) to be contemporary and functional whilst keeping Latvian Pirts’ traditions as their basis.

Opened in May 2021, our Woolen Pirts is a new addition to Ziedlejas. It is characterized by a winding path which takes you to the centre of a round Pirts room. Its walls are made of natural sheep wool – the lanolin in it has healing properties and helps to make your skin feel soft and silky. The Woollen Pirts is set on a slope; therefore most of it is raised above the ground. To cool off from the Woolen Pirts, you can air bathe in nets hung among the trees or submerge yourself in the refreshing outdoor tub.

Listed here are some of the special Pirts Rituals we offer (duration 4-5 hours):

  • A Birthday Pirts Ritual
    This Ritual involves a personal overview of last year’s events and associated emotions. Goals are set for next year.
  • Pirtīžas and ‘saru dzīšana’ (a massage specific to newborn babies to extract ingrown hairs)
    The first bathing ritual of a newborn and mother. Good wishes of strength, luck and good health are cast on a newborn. Showing gratitude to the Mother and wishing strength to the Father.
  • Family Pirts Ritual
    Strengthens familiar feelings and family ties.
  • Pirts Ritual for a Wife-to-be
    A ritual to prepare the Wife-to-be to join another family. Her mother, sister/-s and other close female relatives or friends can join.
  • Pirts Ritual for a Husband-to-be
    A ritual to prepare the Husband-to-be for marriage duties, offering advice, casting wishes of strength and wisdom. The Husband-to-be is joined by their father, brother/-s and friend/-s (preferably those who are married).
  • The ancient marriage ritual for couples – Līdzināšana - in Pirts
  • Seasonal Pirts Rituals according to Latvian seasons of the Sun – Winter Solstice Pirts, Meteņi (Shrove time) Pirts, Spring Solstice (Easter) Pirts, Ūsiņdiena (St George’s Day) Pirts, Summer Solstice or Zāļu (Herb) Pirts, Māras Dienas Pirts (Māra’s Day – the midpoint between the end of the harvest season and Midsummer), Apjumības - Autumn Solstice Pirts, Veļu laika Pirts (All Hallows time)  

The basis of a Pirts Session is a 4 hour long session involving various procedures, the aim of which are to give the body and spirit a rest, relax the body, take a break from everyday rush and stress, and to restore strength and balance within oneself.

A special Pirts Ritual (for example, Pirtīžas, Birthday Pirts, Marriage (Līdzināšana) Pirts and others) is a special occasion. During a period of 4 to 6 hours, Ziedlejas Pirts Masters lead a session involving a defined sequence of actions with a specific intention, feel and energy. These rituals take special preparation for Pirts Masters. The recipient/-s should get into the right mindset before attending. The ritual actions can have an impact on the recipients’ future; therefore it is important to communicate with Pirts Masters in advance regarding various elements of the ritual and their intent.

The Healing Pirts Ritual is a special in-depth procedure, during which a healing of psycho-emotional trauma and, if applicable, untangling of interpersonal relationship issues takes place. It also involves diagnostics and healing of physical trauma and health complications. When required, healing rituals can be done regularly or repeated.
We offer the following as part of this ritual:
  • The ‘first bath’ of a newborn in a warm Pirts.
  • Initiation of the parents into the ritual.
  • Offering of wisdom from the Herb Woman (Zāļu Sieva) or the Pirts Master (Pirtnieks) to the parents – wishes and donations for the new beginning.
  • Rocking the baby, wrapped in a woollen or linen blanket (villaine), singing.
  • Preparation of a herbal bath, bathing the baby.
  • Massaging the baby with mother’s milk, followed by a sprinkling of warm spring water.
  • Ritualistic covering of the baby with a Latvian belt; marking with deity signs.
  • Mother is warmed, heated and gently whipped with besoms.
  • The family receive good wishes on their first Pirts day.

Architects and designers at Open Ad and their lead architect Zane Tetere-Šulce, in collaboration with landscaping experts from LandShape, have helped us to take Ziedlejas from concept to reality. The implementation was led by Valdis Stepanovičs with the involvement of the Ziedlejas family and selected specialists.
Ziedlejas is located in the Gauja National Park area near Sigulda. Various walking paths for shorter or longer walks/hikes are nearby. We offer rental of quality Cannondale bicycles individually or in groups with a guide (please book the guide in advance). Cycling paths curve along the old valley of Gauja and exciting places in the vicinity of Sigulda. Cycling options cater for all tastes – be it an easy ride with family or a challenging track for those thirsty for an adventure!

Gift cards

Yes, gift cards can be purchased. We can send the gift card electronically or in printed format by mail. You can also get a printed gift card in Ziedlejas or in Riga, Bērzaunes Street. More information by writing to info@ziedlejas.lv or calling 29491087.
The gift card is valid for 1 year.
By contacting the Ziedlejas administration, it is possible to extend the gift card for a few months. However, if the price of a particular service has increased since the purchase of the gift card, then the difference in the price must be paid when using the gift card after the initial expiration date.
The gift card stipulates that the donated service must be used, and no refund is made if the person does not wish to use service in the gift card.
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